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Frequently Asked Questions


How is an all-women's workshop different than a co-ed one?
The group dynamics in an all-women's workshop is different--not better or worse--than a co-ed one. It's been my experience that women are more likely to share their individual challenges, ask more questions, take greater risks, encourage their classmates, and laugh (sometimes even at themselves!) when they participate in an all-women's session. Because the participant make-up is different on every workshop--co-ed or all-women--no two workshop environments are ever exactly the same.


Is there an age limit for your workshops?
For liability reasons, young ladies under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. But beyond that, as long as you're alive and kicking, there's no upper age limit. (We had a spunky 83-year old woman on our Grand Canyon rafting trip in May 2017. She rans circles around the rest of us!)


What kind of camera do I need to participate?

Any! We make photographs with our eyes and brains. The camera is simply a tool in which to express our ideas visually. So whether you have a mobile device (e.g. an iPhone) or a digital SLR, a mirrorless, or film camera, our workshops will help you become more technical proficient with and more expressive through any equipment you bring.


Exactly how active are these photography workshops?

Although each trip has differing physical demands, generally speaking, our trips are best suited for mobile, sure-footed participants who are capable of hiking up to two-miles roundtrip on uneven, rocky or sandy terrain while carrying their photography gear. Those who take 10,000 steps/day, walk at least 30 minutes a day, or the like and are in good health should be great on our trips. Check each workshop listing for the specific physical demands.


What's included on a Sheography™ workshop?

Each workshop will be a little different, but most workshops will include the photography instruction and guiding fee, handouts, a welcome dinner on Day 1 of your trip, light breakfast snacks, water, double-occupancy lodging, entrance fees, and commerical permits. Transporation to/from/during the workshop, meals, and personal incidentals are not typically included in the workshop fee.


If I'm traveling solo, am I required to pay the single supplement fee?

Nope. With a couple of exceptions, all workshops include double-occupancy lodging (a shared room with another woman). If you'd prefer to have your own room, you may request a single room at an additional cost. If it's available, the single supplement fee will be charged when the final balance for your workshop is due.



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